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Daring to Dream
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Date:2004-03-29 19:06
Subject:I need HOW much more fabric do I need?!?
Mood: dorky

Operation Sora has now begun!

Sora, is the Japanese pink Gargoyle. She was never 'officially' named, but that's what Greg said her name was. So, basically, this journal will catalog myself & Julie's attempts on trying to come up with a good gargoyles costume of Sora, hopefully in time for Gathering of the Gargoyles 2004 (and maybe to wear at Otakon 2004).

So...Day I.

We bought fabric and thread at Joanne fabrics, I've also gotten wire mesh to sculpt her horns out of...

The only problem is, after sitting down and calculating the measurements for the Kimono portion, we've already hit a roadblock, we didn't get enough fabric. ;_; (not to mention Laurean ATM cannot spell while typing this!)

*sigh* So, now we've figured out how much more to get (about 7 yrds more of pink material, and 4 1/2 yrds of blue) so I'll have to pick those up this week and cut out the pieces, so NEXT monday we can actually do more than eat Chinese food and watch PGSM (not that this isn't fun..but yeah. O.o;; *apologises to Julie again!*

The main obstacle of the kimono will probably be Sora's Romulan like shoulder pads...which I think I'm going to just wire mesh as well to get the correct height & form. (Julie swears it's because Sora really has deformed shoulders. >:D)

We talked about feet a little bit..but decided not to think about THOSE until the wings are done. O.o;;;; Hope I know what I'm getting myself into. O.o;

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Date:2003-10-13 13:40
Mood: determined

Been a while since an update..

well, still working on sketches and sorta college portfolio work..although right now I'm worried about ever getting in. I mean, I keep telling myself (you can! You just need to practice! Getting motivated to practice..is another thing entirely.. I mean, am I just clouding myself to the inevidable failure or rejection? Ick...Not something I really want to think about.

I did however get my butt in gear and update my acutal gallery site. I need to put more artwork up, but at the very least, I put up some webdesigns I've done.

So Somewhat accomplished...now I just need to find my Frank Sinatra CD for this commission piece.. O.o;;

(and I need icons for this journal. O.o;;)


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Date:2003-09-18 22:31
Mood: contemplative

So...working on sketches and websites, which I'll try to post about asap.

But I thought I'd share this..

This is the Mirror Card from Card Captor Sakura. (one of my fav characters)

Right now, I'm trying to figure out if the kimono she is wearing is one of three types:

1. a shrine girl outfit (overembellished)
2. a regular kimono (overembellished)
3. a variation of a heian kimono

Originally, I was approaching this costume as an overembellished regular kimono. I am using a pattern I got on a friend's website and overexaggerating some of the measurements. However, upon reading some comments from a fellow artist friend about Heian kimonos (she's got a huge thing for them and their history) I'm curious to wonder if perhaps the costume is actually a variation of a heian kimono.

I have the sleeves sewn for the nagajuban (the under kimono), and when I finish the actual juban, I'm hoping to also put a design near the bottom. Although this is not really found on jubans (if they have a pattern, it repeats throughout the entire outfit), I thought it would add a stylistic touch to the outfit. I'm thinking ribbons and mirrors for the design.

I'm wondering what to do about the obi for this kimono although, that will strongly depend on which of the three I figure out its a variation thereof. Because I don't _believe_ there is an 'obi' per say for a shrine girl costume, and a heian obi is much different than a kimono obi.

As for the kimono itself, It will be white, and as for a pattern, I'm not sure what to put on it...but I want to put on something, although definately white or silver so it shows up only a little bit.

And of course geta and tabi to wear on my feet. O.o

Not I'm probably going to go to the wings..although I'm trying to find a way to have the wings and not significantly destroy the costume...but they should be fairly simple to make after everything else...

However, most likely, a lot of this will be put on hold..given I need to focus on my college applications and portfolios.. O.o;;;

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Date:2003-09-17 20:19
Subject:My first entry...
Mood: cheerful

With NO pictures!!
How sad!

Must fix this...

For those of you looking for my ACTUAL livejournal, the username is laurean. This is strictly for my project/portfolio work.

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